Do You Know Why Leadership Development Training Fails in Your Construction Company?

3 Reasons Leadership Development Training Fails in Construction Companies:

1. The Owners

2. The Trainer

3. The Training Program

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Reason #1: The Owners

1. Unrealistic Expectations

2. No Clear Goal

3. Lack of Commitment

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Reason #2: The Trainer

1. The trainer isn’t aligned with your company purpose and values

2. The trainer doesn’t understand, respect and love the construction industry

3. The trainer doesn’t connect with the participants

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Reason #3: The Training Program

1. It’s Cookie Cutter

2. It’s Too Complicated

3. It’s Not Structured Well

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Leadership development training is just one part of a bigger picture: Succession Planning

Owning, building, and running a construction is a wonderful way to create, contribute, and impact others. 

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of driving down the street, pointing to a project you contributed to and saying, “I built that!”

When it’s time for you to retire, or sell, will you be able to pass a healthy business to your successors? 

Will it endure to impact future generations?  

Which statement best describes you?

  • I’m secure. My hard work will pay off. My plan is solid; things are looking good.
  • I’m challenged. I need to keep working in order to achieve my goals. 
  • I’m nervous. What if I have to work until I’m 70?
  • I’m scared. All my hard work might go to waste. 
  • I’m sinking. My business is a ball and chain. 

The thought of Succession Planning is daunting for many construction company owners, so it’s best to start with a simple discussion with your executive team and trusted outside advisers. 

Questions to ask include: 

  1. Do we have a strategic plan that clearly defines roles and talents we need in the near, medium and longer term?
  2. Do we have clear career paths mapped out for each role in the company?
  3. Is our organization a magnet for top talent in our industry?
  4. Do we have reward and recognition programs in place to motivate our leaders to develop talent?
  5. Does each key executive have at least TWO potential successors identified?  

Try this at work:

However you answered the questions, it’s your duty as a leader to work hard on Succession Planning. 

To take a deeper dive, click this link and download (FREE) a simple assessment

Share it with your executive team, and have everyone take it.

It will take you about five minutes to complete, and you’ll gain valuable insight into steps you need to take to secure your legacy.

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