5 Reasons Your Employees Have Bad Attitudes

The people that you lead reflect your ability as a leader.

If they have bad attitudes it is because you are a bad leader.

Here are five reasons why:

  1. You treat them like cattle (all brawn), not like people with brains that can be used.
  2. You tell them what to do, but you never ask them for ideas on how to improve process, product or people.
  3. You don’t treat them like they are the future of the company, just a way for you to get to your future.
  4. You expect them to learn on the job, but never give them opportunities to get outside training in technical or people skills.
  5. You talk a good game about teamwork, communication, and excellence, but you don’t consistently recognize exceptional performance, you don’t keep them in the loop about what’s happening in the business, and you tolerate underperformance.

6 Things You Can Do Right Away to Transform Bad Attitudes

  1. Hold monthly meetings with your team and get their input on how to improve the team, the department, the company.
  2. Draw up a career development plan for each employee. Share it with them, painting a compelling picture of their future with your company, and review the plan with them on an annual basis.
  3. Dedicate 5% of your employee’s time to their ongoing development.
  4. Commit to personally recognizing at least one employee each week.
  5. Communicate all information relevant to their performance and peace of mind (err on the side of over communication).
  6. Train up or ship out under performers.

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