Construction Leadership Insights

3 Advantages Of Losing A Key Employee

Labor is really tight in construction so you don’t want to lose key employees. But when you do, my client found there were actually three benefits of losing that person:

  1. With that person gone, it brought my client a little bit closer to the field, finding out things that were going on that were beneficial to him so he could figure out how to improve some processes.
  1. It gave an opportunity for someone else in the organization to step up. That is one thing you can always look for-people stepping up into new opportunities when someone else moves on.
  1. It actually improved morale because people began to rally around the new person who was stepping up. As a result of that, jobs have actually been running smoother once that key individual left.

Keep those three things in mind. Once that key person leaves, it can remove a layer so you could find out more about what’s going on in the company; it gives other people an opportunity to step up; it can actually improve morale.

So if someone does leave, make sure you look for those things. Make sure you don’t get down in the dumps and get all depressed when you lose one of your key people.

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