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3 Ways to Respond When You Lose a Key Employee

What do you do when one of your key employees gets poached by the competition or goes off and starts their own gig?

At first, you might get really frustrated and mad. But I want to give you three things to keep in mind:

Be careful who you complain to when that person leaves. Don’t complain down to your employees. However, make sure you have someone to talk to–perhaps an outside person like a significant other or mentor. Complain carefully.

Remember when you left. This is very important, particularly when someone goes to start their own gig or to what could be a better opportunity for them. I know it’s strange to say, but they might get a better opportunity elsewhere.

Remember when you left to start your own gig and how it might have caused your boss at the time a little bit of heartache? Sometimes, people have to go and try something new. Keep that in mind and be merciful to people in the way you think about them and treat them.

Keep the door open. Sometimes, good people leave to start their own gig or go to another opportunity and it doesn’t work out. Keep the door open because good help is good help. If you were happy with that person before they left, it’s likely they will come back and make a stronger contribution. Make sure you are the bigger person, so to speak. Keep that door open.

I hope you find these insights helpful.

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