Construction Leadership Insights

4 Qualities of a Charismatic Leader

4 things define someone who is charismatic in a genuine way. Not just some kind of fake superficial thing.

  1. Competence

So, what I like to say is it’s difficult to find young people who are truly charismatic because they just don’t have the experience particularly in construction.

  1. Confidence

Right? So, competence is very important and then confidence comes from that competence. And that confidence is not a cockiness that comes from an inflated self-opinion, but it comes from knowing that I know how to start and finish a project and I know how to deal with the difficulties and the challenges.

I know what it means to go face to face with someone and negotiate a tough change order. I know what it means to be a professional construction person.

  1. Clarity

You’re in the meeting with someone and they’ve been there before, so they know what to do in this circumstance. And there’s clarity about what needs to be done.

  1. Care

They care about their company. They care about their clients. They care about the project.

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