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7 Qualities to Look for in Young Construction Leaders

Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers and Nick Foles share a few things in common. They are NFL quarterbacks, Millennials, and Super Bowl champions.

Those who appreciate sports in any way, know that playing NFL quarterback is one the most
demanding things that you can do in sports.

The encouraging thing is that there are young people who have the capacity to do extremely
demanding things and to lead in very high stress situations. Kind of sounds like construction.
These are the kinds of people that you want to identify.

The NFL is a laboratory for leadership and there are 7 qualities of successful NFL quarterbacks.
Think about how you might be able to translate these into identifying, and developing, and retaining talented people.

I took this from Mike Lombardi who’s a former general manager in the NFL. He worked with Al Davis, Bill Walsh, Bill Belichick. And he wrote an article on the qualities that NFL teams look for in their quarterbacks. And these are the 7 qualities:

  1. A winner
  2. Emotionally tough
  3. A Grinder
  4. A Learner
  5. A lifer
  6. Charismatic
  7. Lovable

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