Construction Leadership Insights

Do You Understand What People Want?

What is it that people want in their lives? I think that this is an excellent model. It’s from a guy named Marshall Goldsmith. First thing they want in their careers is they want money. Right? Money. People want money. One of the great things I love about construction. I know you guys— Man, if you’re good at construction, you all can make some great money and that’s awesome. I love that. It is awesome. They want money. They want power. People want power. Each one of us wants power.

What type of power do people want particularly in our culture? They want liberty. They want freedom. Freedom to do something that they enjoy and freedom to express their talents in a particular way.

People want recognition. If you aren’t recognizing your high performers on a regular basis, particularly personally looking them in the eye and thanking them, you’re missing out.

They want to be a role model. People want opportunity to be a role model and to develop Other people. And they want people to develop them.  I think we can all look to people who’ve mentored us over the years and think about the impact they’ve had.

And they want to build a great company. They wanna build a great company and then they wanna leave a legacy. Teichert is one of my clients. License #8. Right? Yup. Dude, that’s deep. That’s deep. In California, license #8, that’s deep. They got those hats with # 8 on it. I haven’t got one of those hats yet. I gotta get one of those hats. I got a couple of cool hats from Teichert. Whatever your license number is, that’s not the point, but it’s the depth and the impact that you can have by running a construction business.

Okay? And this is what it looks like. People want money especially when they’re young. Money, power, recognition. As you get a little bit older, you look back and you say, “You know what? It’s time to bring someone else up to be a role model, to build a great company, and to leave a legacy.”

This is what the best people want. These are the types of people you should be attracting, developing, and retaining. And your job is to do exactly that.

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