Construction Leadership Insights

How can you become a strong, selfless, courageous leader?

Think about your favorite coffee mug
The mug represents your role, and your responsibility as a leader: projects you are bidding, planning, or building; relationships you are developing; processes you are improving.

Filling this mug isn’t your favorite brew; it is filled with pain
The pain of making tough decisions and having difficult conversations. The pain of improving and expanding your business.

Will you drink your cup of pain?
If you do, the pain will set you free from your laziness, selfishness, weakness, and fear and enable you to become a strong, selfless, courageous leader.

A tool to deal with the pain
Think about that uncomfortable conversation you need to have today or tomorrow. As you consider the pain, rub your hands vigorously together, and repeat to yourself:

  1. “Bring it on!”
  2. “I love the pain.”
  3. “The pain sets me free.”

Grab your mug, drink deep, and be transformed.

This tip is inspired by the book “The Tools”, by Phil Stutz and Barry Michaels. Check it out.

To watch the video version of this tip, click here.

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