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Quick Tips for Finding Construction Talent

One of my clients has a leader who used to work for the clothing retailer Nordstrom’s. Now, is there a little disconnect there between Nordstrom’s and construction?

Seems like there is in many ways. He had a very successful career in Nordstrom’s. Then he went to sort of his passion, firefighting. And some stuff happened there and it wasn’t a career that worked out for him. And he was hired by this client as a safety director. It’s very interesting.

So, the reason I’m giving you this example is because we all know how tight the labor market is and it’s good to develop relations with universities that are churning out construction management folks. But you’ve got to be a little creative when it comes to finding talent.

Think about how you can get creative finding these types of people. And the 2 places I would encourage you to look is folks with a military background.

Also, people who’ve been in athletics. And when I say athletics, I mean competitive athletics. Not recreational athletics where everyone gets a trophy, but competitive athletics where people win and people lose. That means developing relationships with, you know, your local competitive soccer, or competitive baseball, or football teams And you’ve got a long term perspective on it because you’ve got to get creative when it comes to finding talent.

And this is a key one right here. Talent knows talent. If you’re going to be talented and if you’re going to express that practically, you’ve got to hang out with talented people. Because if you hang out with losers, they’ll drag you down. So, talented people tend to hang out with other talented people. So, what you do is this. When you find someone who’s talented, you ask them who else do you know who might be interested in a career in construction. Who else do you know that’s talented?

If you just ask that one question of all the talented people you know, you might be surprised at the answers and where that leads you.

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