Do You Struggle to Focus on What Matters Most? 

As a construction leader you know the right tool makes all the difference. 

The Construction Leaders Dashboard is the right tool to help you clarify what’s most important to your leadership, so you can stop struggling, stay grounded and focused, and maximize your leadership impact. 

Use the Dashboard, put pen to paper and define your personal goals and relate them to your leadership responsibilities and your company’s objectives. 

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The Construction Leaders Dashboard covers these critical areas:  

  • Vision, Mission, 
  • Values, Edge, 
  • Performance Metrics, Initiatives, 
  • Relationships, Development Opportunities.  

Vision and Mission If you could wave a magic wand, what would you like your career (or business) to like two to five years from now?  

What are you “famous” for? What results do you want to create? What new projects have you taken on? What personal or leadership breakthroughs have you achieved? Don’t limit yourself, ask “What do I really want?” The answers to these questions will shape your Vision.  

What difference or contribution do you want to make? What gets you excited about the impact you can have in your career? Answering these questions will help you define your Mission. If you are going to achieve your vision, you have to align it with your Mission, your “why”.

If your mission and vision are aligned, you’ll be able to tap into a well of energy, and overcome the obstacles that you’ll encounter along the journey. 

Values and Edge What are your top 3-5 non-negotiable Values? Values are ways of behaving that define who you are, how you show up every day, and what you will or won’t tolerate.  

How do you live these Values, and where do you fall short and can be better. Be intolerant of your own failures (and patient with other people’s shortcomings).  

Next, define your Edge. Don’t be bashful. Where do you kick-ass? What are the top 3 talents that set you apart? Think about your unique qualities, attributes, gifts, strengths, and value as a professional. What do others say you do best? One way to phrase this question is, “Unlike others in my field, I…” 

If you consistently show up with integrity (living out your Values) and focus your energies in the areas you perform the best (Edge), your leadership impact will be massive. 

Initiatives and Performance Metrics

“A good plan today, violently executed today, is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” George S. Patton 

Intelligent action is essential to effective leadership. What are the most important Initiatives that will drive your success in the next 3-12 months? Where you should focus your time for your area of responsibility? List the three that should account for the majority of your activity. 

To check if you are on the right track, make sure the Initiatives align with your: Vision, Mission, Values, and Edge If they don’t, you’ll be frustrated and fail to perform at your best. You need to reassess how you are spending your time. 

Having identified your Initiatives, tie them to concrete Performance Metrics. What gets measured gets monitored and gives you motivation.  

If you’re struggling to define your metrics, ask for some outside help to get clarity, so that you have no room to hide when it comes to monitoring your leadership performance.  

Relationships and Development Opportunities

The final (and perhaps most important) sections of the Construction Leaders Dashboard are Relationships and Development Opportunities.  

Your leadership impact is directly related to the quality of Relationships you build over your career. Who are the most important people who are critical to your success? Be sure to consider relationships up, down, across, and outside the organization. After you’ve identified these people, think about how you can cultivate your relationship with them. A powerful way to do that is to help them achieve their goals or advance their careers. This will set in motion the principle of “reciprocity”, and if they are the right type of person, they’ll strive to help you achieve your goals.  

With your goals in mind what are the Development Opportunities you should pursue? What are the experiences, assignments, skills, educational opportunities, and other professional development opportunities that will advance your career? What behaviors and attitudes do you know you can build on, start doing, do less, or eliminate?  

No project gets completed without identifying and using the right tools. 

The Construction Leaders Dashboard is the right tool to help you beat overwhelm, stay focused and maximize the impact of your leadership.  

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