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Estimating Success in the Next 90 Days

3 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Impact

I had a great conversation with Mike Bowbeer who is the Vice President of City Service Paving. He’s been winning work in his niche for many many decades.

I asked him for three pieces of advice for estimators in the next 90 days to maximize their impact. And he’s he said to focus on these three things.

  1. Focus on your sweet spot and your niche
    Make sure that the work that you’re bidding is in an area where you know that your company will be able to execute productively and safely and profitably.
  1. Make sure you follow up on the bids that you send out
    Don’t just send out a bid and hope. Pick up the phone send an email. Follow up, follow up, follow up. You might be surprised a client could say “Hey I was just thinking about you. We’re gonna be starting that job…” in a week or a month or something like that.
  1. Don’t get discouraged
    You’re in sales if you’re an estimator and sales are cyclical, they go up and they go and they go down. But if you focus on your work effort and your work ethic then you can know that over the long term you’ll be success successful. So don’t get discouraged when things aren’t going your way. So those are three things to focus on in the next 90 days.

Thanks to Mike for those tips. Watch for the full interview on The Construction Leaders Podcast that launches in 2019.

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