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How to Achieve Your Business Goals by Focusing Internally

Are you crystal clear on what’s most important for your growth and success? Justin White, the CEO of K&D Landscaping out of Watsonville California is. He has very ambitious goals and he is clear that his success is not going to come from being externally focused on winning more work.

Instead, he is internally focused on three specific areas:

  1. Recruiting
  2. Development
  3. People placement

Justin concentrates on making sure that he gets people into the business that line up with the values and the purpose that he has articulated for the business.

He wants to develop those people and spend energy teaching them how he does business so that they can replicate that again and again.

People Placement:
Justin spends a lot of time making sure his people are in positions to succeed. Think about people in your organization. Are they in the right position doing the right types of work or do their interests lay elsewhere and perhaps if you reposition them, they might increase the impact that they have in your organization?

Whatever the case may be, if you want to really strengthen your business and move it forward, it won’t necessarily be by winning more work, by an external focus, but it will be by an internal focus as you think about recruiting, developing, and then positioning people in your organization for success.

Look out for the full interview with Justin on the Construction Leaders Podcast launching in 2019.

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