Construction Leadership Insights

Practical Humility

How does a construction executive show humility?

I was chatting with a senior construction executive. His name is Jeff Farley from one of my clients, LB Construction. Jeff was telling me that you can show humility in construction in 3 practical ways:

  1. Apologize

In construction, things go wrong quite frequently to one degree or another and sometimes you need to step up and say, “Hey, I was wrong. I screwed up. This is what I’m gonna do to fix it.”

  1. Ask for Help

How many times have you been in a situation on a project where you know you’ve needed help, but you try to suck it up and grind through instead of raising your hand and asking for help? Don’t try and be the hero unnecessarily. Make sure when you need help you ask for help.

  1. Spread the Credit

Let’s say you hit a home run on a project, you hit your profit margins, or you even exceed them. Everybody’s happy. It’s tempting to hog the limelight. Don’t do that. Make sure everyone from the field to the office gets the credit that they deserve for the success of the project.

If you think humility is rare in construction, how about kindness? Click this link to read about how construction executives can show kindness.

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