Construction Leadership Insights

How Can You Be Happy?

Being happy doesn’t have to be hard, if you know, accept and grow yourself.

Happy People Make a Consistent Contribution to a Community

A community is made of 1+, such as: friendship, family, civic, religious, business.

How can you make your contribution?
  1. Know yourself
  2. Accept yourself
  3. Grow yourself
Know yourself

My communication skills are top 5%. I’ve built my business around them.

Where do you excel?

What do you do with little effort?

What do others say you do well, and it feels easy or natural to you?

Accept yourself

Comparing yourself to others is a waste of time.

It leads to jealousy, envy, depression.

Celebrate yourself and others.

Commit to making your contribution.

Give others room to make their contribution.

Grow yourself

Commit to improving the capability and capacity of your contribution to your community.

As you do this, your contribution will compound.

You will be happy.

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