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Prefab/Modular Construction Increasing

Construction Increasing
Source: USG and US Chamber of Commerce

Prefabricated/Modular components are more popular with GCs then Subs, and with larger contractors ($100m +) than smaller contractors.

“Half of all contractors using prefabricated and modular approaches expect to increase their use in the next three years.”

Here are a few more highlights from the Q1 2018 Commercial Construction Index:

  • 45% of contractors currently using prefabrication/modularization have seen increased use in the last three years
  • 2/3 of GCs currently using prefabrication/modularization expect demand to increase in the next three years
  • Hospitality, Healthcare, Manufacturing Buildings, and Multifamily are sectors where prefabrication/modular components are most common
  • Top benefits of prefabrication/modularization include: Increased onsite efficiency, improved labor productivity, and reduced schedule
  • Top reasons contractors don’t use prefabrication/modular include: Not application for project type, architect not designing it into the project, owners not asking for it

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