Jean Bjork: Building a Thriving, Woman Owned Construction Company | Episode 39


Jean Bjork is the President and Owner of Bjork Construction, a general contractor based in Fremont, CA. 

In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover: 

  • Jean starting off as a welder in her parent’s business
  • Valuable lessons her mom taught her about running a business
  • Getting married to a carpenter and starting a construction business
  • Continually learning about the Construction Industry as her company grew 
  • Thriving in a male dominated industry 
  • Allowing the quality of her work to establish her in construction 
  • Bringing her daughter into the business, with the goal of passing the company onto her. 
  • How to bring more women into the construction industry on the project side of the business 
  • The importance of providing women a supportive workplace 
  • Leadership traits that are essential to success
  • Rookie mistakes that new leaders make 
  • Three words of advice for women who want to get into construction

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Pat, Glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate the feedback. I'll have some more episodes in the same vein, coming soon. Eric

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Eric, really enjoyed this podcast. Extreme Leadership is one of my favorite business books. Nice to see that you are incorporating some of their leadership strategies into your podcasts.

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