How One Construction Leader Used the Eisenhower Matrix to Reduce Overwhelm and Increase Effectiveness I Ep. 45


In this episode of Construction Genius, I’ll discuss how you can reduce overwhelm, focus on what’s most important, and be more effective in your leadership role by utilizing the urgent/important matrix. The matrix first attributed to Dwight Eisenhower, World War Two general and President of the United States. It was popularized by Steven Covey in “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”.

Highlights Include: 

  • The Origin and popularization of the Urgent/Important matrix 
  • The story of the “Pioneer”
  • Long-Term Priorities: High Importance/Low Urgency  
  • How to define Long-Term Priorities 
  • Clarifying your vision and mission
  • Understanding your role and responsibility 
  • The example of Project Executives
  • Why Long-Term priorities should drive Critical Activities 
  • The example of Construction CEOs
  • Why Unnecessary Interruptions happen 
  • How interruptions are instructive 
  • Where Wasteful Distractions come from and how to manage them 

Next Steps: 

  1. Clearly define your role and responsibility 
  2. Define your mission and vision 
  3. Combine these to identify what is Urgent and Important, TO YOU  
  4. Set aside time for the Long-Term Priorities 
  5. Embrace Critical Activities 
  6. Delegate the Unnecessary Interruptions 
  7. Manage the Wasteful Distractions 
  8. Download the Urgent/Important Matrix by clicking this link


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Pat, Glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate the feedback. I'll have some more episodes in the same vein, coming soon. Eric

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Eric, really enjoyed this podcast. Extreme Leadership is one of my favorite business books. Nice to see that you are incorporating some of their leadership strategies into your podcasts.

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