John Loomis

Time and cost were our initial barriers to using a consultant

Our results prove working with Eric Anderton are worth both. He was able to help us accomplish a lot in a short amount of time and his prices are more than reasonable – especially considering our success!

It Helps to Have a Push

Over the years, we have tried to initiate a more regular strategic planning process. As the President, I worked hard to get it started, but it just wasn’t going anywhere. Eric Anderton was able to help push me and my team along in the direction we’ve been wanting to go all along without anyone going in kicking and screaming.

I believe we would have gotten there someday, but Eric’s help has us meeting goals that would have taken us much longer to achieve.

Implementing Change

It’s not that our team has been short of ideas. We are great at brainstorming. What we’ve been short on is the ability to turn the ideas into actionable steps.

We actually had a lot of the building blocks from our previous attempts at implementing a strategic plan. Eric was able to show us that we had already accomplished so much of the hard work. Because everyone was at the meeting, the path to putting our ideas to work right away became crystal clear.

More importantly, being on the same page made everyone motivated to take the needed action. It’s no longer all about me – we are now all on board with the process. I’m excited to see that everyone wants to contribute and see the plan work.

Our Success in Actual Dollars

Unlike many meetings, the success of our meetings with Eric is measurable. We came to him knowing that our biggest focus for strategic planning was selling. However, we didn’t have the right sales processes in place or the right employee skills. Our discussions changed all that.

Since our meetings with Eric, we’ve brought in between $3 and 4 million in work. Selling is no longer our number one problem.  Now, we can focus on additional strategies in the future.

Although we needed (and now have) the sales, that was just the short-term benefit. The biggest benefit to our company is that we now have a consistent strategic planning process that involves everybody. This payoff is going to be a much bigger deal over time.

Highly Recommend

I recommend that anyone who has tried and failed to implement a strategic plan in the past try working with Eric Anderton. He has the ability to capture the attention of the participants from the moment he enters the room, get everyone involved in the process, and find solutions to the most pressing issues.

John Loomis